Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rebecca Simms: Little Sister, Louisville Divorce Attorney, Fierce Trial Lawyer

This last week has been pretty crazy.  The firm’s name has changed from Gruner & Simms, PLLC to Simms & Reed PLLC, we are in the process of adding a personal injury litigation wing to the office, and the firm has taken on about a hundred new car accident litigation cases.  For the most part, I have been enveloped in our new personal injury world. 

So, at this point I’d like to step back from that and talk about Divorce and Custody.  Family law has always been something that the lawyers at our firm have “dabbled in.”  However, until recently, we haven’t had a lawyer who focused solely on Family law. 

Notice the fact that I did not use the word “specialize” or “specialization.”  That’s because I can’t say versions of that word when talking about the areas of law IN WHICH WE FOCUS.  Because the Kentucky Bar Association won’t allow it.  “But Greg -” You might be asking – “isn’t that a blatant violation of attorneys’ rights to free speech?  And isn’t it an extremely insignificant difference between the words ‘focus’ and ‘specialize’?”  These are all good questions.  I’m glad you’re paying attention.  At this time, you might expect me to answer the questions, but I get the sense you already know the answers.

Anyway, Rebecca M. Simms (a lawyer from Marion County who happens to be my sister) has focused primarily on Family law for years now.  That’s why we at Simms & Reed, PLLC, are very proud to announce that she has joined the firm as an Of Counsel Attorney.  Rebecca graduated from Western Kentucky University, where she did quite well (to say the least) in nationwide speech and debate.  In fact, she achieved the status of Number 1 persuasive speaker in the entire nation.*  Her awards and accolades in the Collegiate Speech and Debate world are far too numerous to mention in this blog.

After College, Rebecca went on to excel at the University of Louisville School of Law.  After graduating, she has honed her legal skills and focused primarily on the art and science of Divorce and Custody law.

Ms. Simms will be practicing at Simms** & Reed, PLLC in the areas of Divorce – both contested and uncontested, Child Custody, Child Support, Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs) and Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs), Maintenance, Visitation, Adoptions, and just about any other little facet of Family law that you can imagine.  And she’s damn good at it.

It pangs me to say this, but my little baby sister is better at something than myself.  She understands the caveats and crannys of Domestic law better than I know, and certainly better than I care to know.  Rebecca’s clients praise her ability to get results quickly, and her fierce attitude in the courtroom.  Personally, I like the fact that she works her ass off, and when I leave at night, often times she is still here working.

If you have any questions about Divorce, Custody, or any other areas of law mentioned above, I'd like to invite you to visit Rebecca’s website at  Or feel free to schedule a free initial consultation with Rebecca Simms, Louisville Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer Extraordinaire, by calling 502.618.4949. 

Simms & Reed, PLLC.  Results.  As fast as the law will allow.

*America.  Lawyered.
**Nope.  She's not THAT Simms.  That is me.  Little sister still hasn't made it that far over big brother.  Yet.

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  1. Yep, I read your blog posts...way to go Simms family! I hope I never need either of you, though :) I guess that's pretty much what everyone says about lawyers, right?