Friday, January 15, 2016

Law is Changing - Get Your DUI Expunged NOW!

I’ve never understood people who want to make expungements more difficult.  By nature, we’re talking about people who made a mistake, and years have passed – during which time they have made better life decisions and kept their noses clean.  Why try to make things more difficult for them??? 

Second chances.  WWJD and whatnot.

On January 5th, 2016, House bill 13 was introduced and passed to the House Judiciary Committee.  The bill will make expungements more difficult for Kentuckians with blemished records.  So it’s time to act. 

If you’ve been convicted of a D.U.I. five years ago (or more), this news is extremely important for you.  HB 13, as it reads, amends KRS 189A.010(5)  [Your Kentucky law concerning D.U.I conviction penalties] to allow the court a longer “look-back” period to examine one’s D.U.I conviction history, to determine the severity of one’s punishment. Currently, KRS 189A.010(5) provides that any D.U.I conviction within a five-year period from a previous D.U.I conviction, is subject to increased sanctions. House Bill 13 doubles that window of time to ten years. This means if you’ve been convicted of D.U.I, the state will hold that charge over your head for ten years and increase the sanctions for a subsequent D.U.I conviction.

THIS MEANS that if you were convicted of a D.U.I.  charge five or more years ago, you need to expunge that charge from your record, IMMEDIATELY.

If you were convicted of a D.U.I.  or any other misdemeanor offense, five or more years ago, and wish to have that charge cleared from your record, contact Attorney Greg Simms,
at (502) 618-4949, or by cell phone text to 270-402-4581.

See the text of the bill at