Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big Change! "Gruner & Simms" to Become "Simms & Reed"

It is the dawn of a new day.  The sun sets on one, and rises on another.

Gruner & Simms, PLLC was a good thing.  We helped a lot of people, and we changed some law for the better.  My partner, Melissa Gruner was, and is, one of the most up and coming litigators in this great Commonwealth.  She gets great results, and her clients sing her praises.  Together, we built something pretty great.  But now, after two and a half years, some significant expansion and about a dozen jury trials – Gruner & Simms, PLLC is about to make a big change.

My partner is moving on, and Sean M. Reed is stepping up to attempt to fill her large shoes.*

So – at this time, I would like to give you a sort of “State of Being” talk about the firm and where we are going.

Partner, and Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer, Sean M. Reed

First, let me tell you a bit about Sean Reed.  Sean is no stranger to the firm.  He was with this law firm before the firm even existed.  Sean began clerking for me and for some other lawyers at the office of Elmer George in Lebanon, Kentucky in 2008.  Since then, he has grown by leaps and bounds.

Sean is from Stanford, Kentucky – which is in Lincoln County.  After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University, he excelled at the University of Louisville School of Law.  Since being admitted to the Kentucky Bar, he has focused primarily on Personal Injury.  Although Sean has become proficient in Criminal Law, Domestic, Civil Litigation, and Administrative Law, his main passion is helping people who are injured recover money from insurance companies, in order to compensate them for the damages they received.  He is a true Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer.  He likes to make sure the little guys don’t get pushed around by the big companies, and he is damn good at it.

Barely in his 30s, Sean Reed is young, aggressive, and eager to establish his reputation on the Louisville car accident law scene.

The ladies also think he is easy on the eyes.

The firm will be re-named “Simms & Reed, PLLC.”  Currently, the firm is undergoing a degree of restructuring and our focus on the law will shift.  Instead of focusing primarily on Criminal Law, the firm will focus on Personal Injury Law.

Why Our Louisville Auto Accident Law Practice is Different

You’ve all heard of the big guys who do car accident lawsuits.  The great big firms that are more like factories than law offices.  You’ve seen them on television with cartoon robots and lions that roar at insurance companies.  A lot of those guys don’t practice law in a courtroom.  They’re more like paper-pushers.  Not that settling cases is a bad thing.  It can be very good to settle a case on terms where everyone involved ends up happy.

But sometimes insurance companies like to push people around.  The sad part is that they have the money and manpower to do it, and do it effectively.  When they make offers on car accident cases that are unreasonable, you need a lawyer who is aggressive enough to actually step into a courtroom.  That’s where we are different.  At Simms & Reed, PLLC, we have lawyers who are true “trial lawyers.”

Ask your law firm how many jury trials they tried last year.  That’ll give you a good idea as to whether you have a “real” trial lawyer, or whether you just have some paper-pushing factory of a law firm.

Where We Go From Here

For me personally, I will still practice Criminal Defense Law.  My time will be split between criminal defense litigation and car accident law suits.  But Simms & Reed, PLLC will still offer a vast array of legal services.  Our Of Counsel attorneys still offer Bankruptcy, Divorce and Custody, Intellectual Property, and Civil Litigation services.

Each week for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be giving you an introduction to each of the lawyers at Simms & Reed, PLLC.  I’ll give you some insight into who the lawyers are, and what they do.

The past has been good to us.  The future is going to be even better.

Simms & Reed, PLLC.  Results.  As fast as the law will allow.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, call the Louisville car accident lawyers at Simms & Reed, PLLC.  Do not speak to an insurance adjuster before you call us!  The initial consultation is free, so call a Louisville car accident lawyer today at 502.618.4949.  Your case is serious.  Make sure you have a real Trial Lawyer on your side.

*the current count of which under her desk is fourteen (14) shoes.

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