Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Get Reviewed by Kids, Part Deux

     This past week I got the privilege of playing the defense lawyer in a Jury Trial reenactment at the Kentucky State Fair.  The organizers chose a trial loosely based on a case I worked on in real life, assisting the feared and famed, Honorable Steve Romines (the Defendant was a Doctor who struck his wife with a boat and killed her – he was charged with Murder).
      I played the part of “Defense Lawyer” which was obviously not a stretch for me.  Kinda like when Howard Stern played himself in Private Parts or when Seth Rogan plays any character in any movie.
      At the trial reenactment, a law class from Silver Creek High School came to watch – and some actually got to participate.  A group from the class got to serve as the jury.  They found my client “Dr. Hardy” Not Guilty on Murder and Guilty on Reckless Homicide (exactly how the real case turned out).  One of the juries gave my client 1.5 years in prison – another group gave him 3 years to serve (both a little better than in real life, where our client took 5 years).
      After the event, the students took the time to write me letters.  Most were general “thank you” letters.  Others took the opportunity to review me as a lawyer.  Here are some of their comments…

“The part you played was realistic.”  I am not sure this student understood that I was a real lawyer.

“You were easy to hear.” Yeah.  I’m loud.  I get it.

“You did a great job in persuading the jury that the husband was innocent.”  We’ll talk about the difference between “Innocent” and “Not Guilty” later.  But, thank you.

“Even though your client did end up with jail time, it was still better than life in prison.”  TRUF.

 “Your defense case was excellent and I believed everything you said.  Your honesty made me realize and think about how serious these things are and how you can change someone’s life.”  Aw thanks, dude.

“You rambled on a little more than I thought you should have.  Also, if you ever need fashion advice, don’t be afraid to make a call!  It could help you win a case.”  No shit, that’s a real comment from a kid!!!!

You did a great job in undermining the witnesses.” 

“I thought you did a tremendous job representing Dr. Hardy.  I thought you completely controlled the trial and beat the prosecution.”  That made my day, buddy.  Thank you.

      This concludes “I get reviewed by kids, Part Deux.”  Hope you got a kick out of the kids’ comments.  I sure did.

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