Monday, December 22, 2014

I Get Reviewed by 8th Graders

       You can find lots of lawyer reviews online.  Reviews usually come from clients or peers of said lawyer.  But today I got a package of about 25 letters written from 8th graders, where I gave a talk to a middle school.  I’ll share their reviews.  Here are some choice snippets-

“When I first saw you enter the classroom I thought your presentation would be boring.”

(different child) “It was way more interesting than I thought it was going to be.” [clearly my first impression was ‘boring old guy in a suit.’]

“Anyway I also think that you did a nice job teaching us how to mess with people’s minds.  Then I thought it was pretty cool how you can defend people who do bad stuff.” [we may have been on 2 different wave lengths.]

“I was kind of scared but also impressed.” [I don’t know how to react to that.]

“I hope my classmates weren’t so mean to you or anything.” [they were not.  thank you for the concern.]

About the cases I have lost: “I don’t think that’s so bad at least you tried your best.” [thanks, kiddo]

“I feel great because knowing all these new things about being a lawyer was pretty cool.”

“Does your boss and co-workers clap and congradulate you when you win a case?” [unfortunately, they do not clap for me.]

About Framing the Issue: “I learned that changing the question to make a better argument is a good strategy.” [! bingo.]

“When I asked you “How do you know if that person is inacent or guilty” you didn’t answer my question.”

“You made a major impact on me.”

“I learned that not being guilty and being innocent are two different things.” [! bingo, again.]

“It was a easy grade and all I had to do was pay attention.” [glad I could help]

(from a child in the class, not a teacher) “I think you made a very good impression on the class because they have never been that respectful to a visitor ever.”

“You have inspired us all to become very successful in life like you.” [aw.]

So my Monday is going pretty well.  Hope yours is, too.

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