Sunday, November 2, 2014

Take em or Leave em: my Suggestions for your District Court Ballot

If you’re looking for advice on who to vote for in the District Court Judge’s races, here are my suggestions:

1st Div: Annette Karem – She has experience and she’s fair.

2nd Div: Amber Wolf – Amber is a prosecutor.  Yes, I’m telling you that you should vote for a prosecutor.  She’s smart, professional, and she’ll be a great judge.  Amber also has a ton of endorsements from organizations across the city.

3rd Div: Matt Eckert – I don’t know much about Matt Eckert.  But by sheer statistical probability, he will have a better approval rating than his opponent.  That is all I have to say about that...

5th Div: Donald Armstrong – He has a ton of experience and he’s a smart, nice guy.  Very professional.

8th Div: David Bowles – David is a former police officer and to be completely honest, he’s a little “tough on crime” for my taste.  But he’s an incredible judge – He’s quick, smart, and he’s on the Judicial conduct committee.  His ethics are second to none.  David Bowles is the right choice for the 8th Division.

11th Div: Gina Calvert – Incumbent Judge Gina Calvert is a no brainer on this one.  She’s an amazing judge and a bigtime victim’s advocate.  And she really gives a damn about being fair.  I’ve seen her protect people’s constitutional rights when it needed done, and I’ve seen her give serious jail time to someone who hurt people in a DUI accident.  She cares about making the right decision.  Great judge.

13th Div: Anne Delahanty – When in doubt, go with a Delahanty.  That’s a good rule for voting on judge’s races.

14th Div: Stephanie Pearce Burke – She’s another no brainer.  Stephanie is a phenomenal judge because she’s not afraid to make some people angry by making the right decision.  She isn’t controlled by the media, or the county attorney, etc.  Stephanie has all the right qualities for a judge; you should keep her.

17th Div: Erica Lee Williams – This is the only race where I feel the need to tell you that her opponent would also make a great judge.  Dana Cohen has everything it takes.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice one of the best judges in our judiciary in order to put Dana on the bench.  Erica Williams is an absolute model for how a judge should act on the bench – she’s incredibly smart, professional and strong willed.  Erica Williams is the right pick.

If you don't go with my picks - to each their own.  But please vote!

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