Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Normal" People Breaking the Law

Let’s talk about laws that “normal” people break regularly.  This might make some of you repeat offenders feel better, knowing that the vast majority of the public regularly violate the law.  Some people instinctively judge those who break the law as immoral or bad.  Those people may be interested to learn about some of the laws that they violate regularly.*  It might be food for thought, regarding the separation between man’s law and god’s law (or whatever code of morality).  For more discussion on this particular issue, read Jim Higdon’s book, The Cornbread Mafia.

On to the lawbreaking.  First up, consider KRS 436.320, which governs “pool table law.”  This is an extremely brief class in law school.  With regard to the “man’s law/god’s law issue,” you may find it noteworthy that KRS 436.320 is located in the section of the Kentucky Revised Statutes titled, “Offenses Against Morality.” 

Yes.  Really.

Anyway, KRS 436.320  states, in pertinent part, that no person owning or controlling a pool table shall permit, for compensation or reward, any minor under eighteen (18) years of age to play on the table, unless the minor first displays an identification card containing his name, age, photograph, and the signature of his parents or guardian. The person owning or controlling such pool table shall keep and maintain a registration book in which each minor shall sign. The person owning or controlling such pool table shall supply a “blank identification card” to each parent or guardian who makes request for same. 

The law does NOT explain what the hell a “blank identification card” is.  The statute provides for a $10 - $100 penalty for anyone violating the law.

This is a pretty strange law.  But it will stick with you.  The next time you walk into a BW3s, or some other family friendly neighborhood bar and grill with a pool table, you’ll remember that they are supposed to card minors on the table.  And my guess is, they aren’t doing it.  They probably also will not be handing out “blank identification cards.” 

Seriously, if they’re blank – how do they identify anything at all?
On to working on Sunday.

Also located in the “Offenses Against Morality” section, KRS 436.160 prevents working on Sunday in Kentucky.  Yes.  Really.

The law states, in pertinent part, that any person who works on Sunday, whether for profit or amusement, unless his work or the employment of others is in the course of ordinary household duties, work of necessity or charity or work required in the maintenance or operation of a public service or public utility plant or system, shall be fined not less than two dollars ($2) nor more than fifty dollars ($50).  It is ILLEGAL to work on Sunday in this great Commonwealth.

What about your sweet little old granny?  Does she take any medications?  Even if the medications were prescribed by a legit pharmacist, granny’s probably violating the law on the reg.  Maybe even as we speak.

KRS 218A.210 specifies that prescription drugs may only be kept in the original containers (the one the pharmacist hands you).  This ridiculous law doesn’t even provide an exception for possessing the pill in your hand as you take the prescribed medication.  And god forbid granny went down to the Walgreens and got one of those SMTWRFS days-of-the-week pill containers.  Those things are gateways to a Class B misdemeanor.

So, what did we learn from all of this?  Maybe our legislators have their heads lodged in a very dark place.  Maybe we, as a society still want to combine god's law and man's law - or maybe we are too apathetic to put the effort in to dividing the two.  Either way, I'm sorry I talked bad about your granny.  She deserves better.

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*or maybe they won't.  maybe they are interested in how lava lamps work.  who knows.

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