Thursday, March 17, 2011


My name is Greg Simms.  I'm happy to be free in Kentucky and I hope you are too.

I grew up in Marion County, just a couple of minutes outside Raywick, Ky.  Marion County is famous for Maker's Mark, country ham, and the Cornbread Mafia.  It is a beautiful place.  I went to law school at the University of Louisville, and now I'm the head of the Criminal Defense section at Murphy & Powell, PLC.

I handle DUI, Drug Charges, Assault, Sex Crimes, Robbery, Burglary, Theft, Manslaughter and Murder cases.  I also sue police officers who abuse their authority and other governmental entities (schools, prisons, etc.) for violations of Constitutional Rights.

I am an attorney licensed to practice in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.  I am not licensed to practice in any other state in the United States, and I do not claim to be familiar with the laws of any other state.  The postings on this blog are not to be considered legal advice.  If you want legal advice, I will be happy to speak with you and I will not charge you for an initial consultation.  You can call my law firm, Murphy & Powell. at 502.473.6464.  Neither this blog, nor any information contained herein, creates any attorney/client relationship.  This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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